Bournemouth Vintage Emporium | Tearooms
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Tea Rooms

Our beautifully & eccentric styled tea rooms are inspired by a number of historical decor ideas, designed by vintage stylist Dolly Grainger, owner of What Alice Found Vintage.

The femininity of Victorian parlours, their plush fabrics, ornate lamps & dainty serving trays, where every item were intended for decorative purpose. These parlours were designed to act as a ‘little world’ in which the ‘idealised’ home was created. Everything in its place, where dramas could be discussed & new fashions showcased… This mixed with the more masculine notion of a ‘smoking room’, introduced in the 1850’s, in which men would retreat & gather to discuss matters of money, business & other such manly topics. Decor included taxidermy, large rugs & chairs made from the finest, thick fabric – aimed to soak up the scent of the smoking. Combine these elements with some 1950’s – 1960’s retro kitchenalia & you have the emporium tea rooms!grab one of our books, admire the fresh flowers, use the free customer wifi, stay a while – and relax. Enjoy our mouth watering brownies & homemade cakes & try our selection of Mozzo blend coffee, or loose leaf tea in a variety of flavours..